In our initial guide to Civilization beyond Earth in our first guide, we provided general guidelines to help begin off on a good beginning in your new game. In this guide, we’ll look deeper into the game’s mechanics and focus on the overall similarities.

Untangling the web                                                                              

Beyond Earth’s technology web is among its many distinct features and is initially one of its most daunting. Even the most knowledgeable civ players are bound not to like its emanating ways. There are several methods to manage it better. However, it is not a simple task.

The top left-hand corner of the screen for technology is a prominent search bar. It allows you to locate the technology, structure or device needed quickly and saves time by not scrolling through the internet. Seeing the filters drop-down menu below your search tool is more interesting. They allow you to view only those technologies pertinent to the particular source or affinity. Are the health conditions of your community in decline? Filter for buildings with health issues and look for the most appropriate solution.

Like in Civ V, you can target technologies that aren’t readily available, and the game takes the fastest route to arrive at them. Additionally, you can shift-click technologies to create your queue.

A brilliant way of sorting out the confusion comes not from creators but rather from the community of early modders. The current state of affairs is that every building, unit, and Wonder icon is black, as is the semicircle surrounding Wonders, which is difficult to differentiate from the semi-octagon surrounding typical buildings.

Colourful Tech Web, created by Steam Glidergun’s user, addresses this problem by colouring Wonders, structures, units and satellites to make it easier for users to see differentiation. This latest version adds tiny affinity icons for the teams and buildings that meet the exact requirements.

What is your symbol?

The decision to choose your affinity at an early stage is crucial in determining how to progress your journey across the technology web. The upgrades to your base equipment are available through affinity levels rather than particular technologies like in the previous Civilization games. Keeping current with other players is crucial if you don’t risk becoming at risk.

If one of your friends has fallen behind in their most affinity level, that could indicate the possibility of being a target for you if you’re searching for more space. You can monitor everyone’s development in affinity on the diplomacy menu in the display’s lower-right corner. AIs can better interact with you when you have common interests, so be cautious of yourself when your views differ. They’ll make you conscious of this by frequently coming up and telling them how agitated and confused you are with your actions.

Maintaining a competitive edge is crucial, but the chances to gain simple levels within other affinities shouldn’t be missed when you have the money. The ability to earn the bonus level 1 in supremacy as well as Purity earlier, and offering your explorations a second adventure and protection from aliens. It also increases their usefulness considerably.

Being competitive with your competitors is crucial. However, the chances to gain easy points with other interests should not be overlooked.

The unlocked buildings by harmony level 2 are precious in the case of xenomass within your cities, increasing their energy and science output.

Instructing your spies in the theft of technology from colonies with different affinities to you is among the most effective methods to build cross-level relationships within the mid-to the late-game. You aren’t able to control the exact items they snatch; however, if you have plenty of high-level spies, it’s possible to observe an increasing flow of affinity levels.

The unique affinity units have names for the variants they use to get their final enhancement based on swapping some levels of a different affinity with linear progress within your personal. This is a more straightforward method to get the most vital units of the game rather than pursuing the costly, third-tier technologies after you’ve completed each of the basic ones.

Purity Affinity: For the Imperium!

The goal of Purity is to preserve the traditional values of humanity, which manifests itself in specific attention paid to the oldest human practice, agriculture. Two technologies are pure, Vertical Farming and Industrial Ecology, which can boost your entire farm (+1 energy and food as well as +1 production). Combining these with Ectogenesis Pods is an early marvel which boosts farm productivity by providing added food sources. Your farms can buff each flat tile of your empire by granting +3 food items and +1 energy. You can also get production +1 without any need for maintenance.

It is possible to drive efficiency up even more by providing more power, food production or even culture, according to your preferences. It can transform even deserts into productive ground. The rush to acquire these technologies and then threatening farmers with your employees can be a viable method to grow cities swiftly.

If Purity isn’t the goal, getting its initial stage bonus in the first few minutes, making the game more secure and preventing aliens from striking your explorations will be an enormous benefit. One of the fastest ways to attain absolute Purity in the technology web is found within Genetic Mapping, an element of immediately accessible Genetics. It is one of the first available Wonders, The Gene Vault, which gives users a boost of 4 food choices, plus 10 percent culture and +1 expansion in every city.

Initially, rushing for it can accelerate your development for the remainder of the game. This is due to the Wonder and the excitement of taking all the resource pods or missions as possible at the start without fearing the indigenous population, whereas other civs remain in fear. It is also possible to use your explorers to guide colonists as you build the first cities without having to think about the military.

Supremacy Affinity: Resistance to the rule of law is ineffective

Supremacy is a system that uses technology to prosper, irrespective of the conditions. Consequently, it is highly effective in getting maximum value from your cities, regardless of which resources you have available. Two of the most effective satellites belong to the supremacy of technologies like Climate Control and Geoscaping.

The Weather Controller increases the food production of tiles within the range of its operation and creates either one or two additional essential resources (such as silica or even fibre) in unimproved tiles throughout its life. Orbital Fabricator Orbital Fabricator boosts production and, in turn, adds new important resource sources (like titanium and petroleum).

The benefits associated with certain other supremacy technologies can allow you to make more value from the newly-created resources, including Power Systems giving your quarries an additional production boost and Biometallurgy, giving you +1 energy for your mining operations. Satellites work on water, generating algae, coral as well as petroleum. With the Water Refinery’s ability to add +1 food and +1 production for the entire water tiles, you can transform your cities along the coast into powerful engines. The 1.5x boost in productivity and the expanded range of water trade routes are sufficient incentives to build floating cities whenever feasible, which can be the perfect icing.

The Level 3 affinity bonus to supremacy is among the best: Pay for no maintenance of the roads or migrants.

The third level affinity bonus to supremacy is among the most valuable prizes: you pay for no maintenance of the roads or migrants. The construction of transportation infrastructure could be expensive and time-consuming. Still, it’s not always required since coastal cities are automatically connected with capital cities if the town is on the water. The fact that you don’t have to cover the cost of maintenance takes some of the burden off.

Building some highway network that runs around your entire empire is possible if you’ve got spare personnel. It can be especially beneficial for transferring around SABRs. They are exclusive high-level units with strong ranged attacks with a low speed of movement.

Harmony Affinity: Come to tranquillity

Harmony refers to going natural and letting the Earth help your new society develop instead of it being the reverse. Do not let the word “harmony” be a hindrance. It is not necessarily a peace-loving affinity. You can talk to a city-terrorizing Xeno Titan.

Harmony’s distinct buildings and techniques give more boosts to health and nutrition than any other affinity type. It encourages rapid and sustainable expansion that is further aided by harmony’s overall comfort-choked miasma, which floats on top of the ground and inflicts harm on humans while also healing the aliens.

The first harmony technology Alien Biology allows your workers to eliminate miasma. However, it is best to delay stopping it if you plan to go for harmony over time. Alien Hybridization is a bit farther down the internet, offers all of your troop’s immunity, and helps them heal because they are in it just like natives. Level six affinity bonuses enhance this healing so that all your troops can heal up to 15 times per turn just to end the turn miasma.

The Miasmic Condensor satellite, unlocked by Alien Ecology, adds vapour to the tiles within its range. After your unit is ready to fight it off, you can flood your area and make it difficult for invaders who are not harmonious while your troops are more resilient. It is also possible to do this with a lot of force in preparation for the invasion if you’ve not established their orbital boundaries (or cleared it through orbital strike artillery).

Going to home

In addition to Domination, you must take control of all the capitals of the game’s beginning. All the winning prerequisites in Beyond Earth are incredibly solitary and require you to back into the sand and shield yourself until specific requirements are met.

Each of the winning circumstances within Beyond Earth is very insular, requiring you to wear a be a turtle to protect yourself.

The Purity’s Promised Land victory involves bringing the settlers of Earth via a warp gate and putting them in your globe. The process requires space. Therefore, you may need to remove some stations and even an adjacent city if the land is restricted.

One settler can be taken through every turn. So, you’ll need to be able to maintain your boundaries until you reach twenty. The Purity’s fast but strong hover tanks work perfectly for this type of defensive strategy, especially when you get those upgrades to increase the tank’s strength to stop moving.

Supremacy’s Emancipation victory has also created an entrance back to Earth; however, this time, you can bring units back to “liberate” your fellow humans from the ravages of the analog world. The goal is to get 1,000 total force through the gate. You can send only one unit each turn.

The ANGEL robot walks give the best bang for your money. If you focus on creating energy and energy, the cost of persistence to purchase new ANGELs returns to your account so that you can buy more ANGELs to bring to the next generation. It’s up to you to remain strong enough to fight your neighbours while liberating Earth.

Harmony is an active victory state that is associated with Transcendence. All you need to do is build the Mind Flower wonder that will eventually attain total global consciousness. The process will be accelerated with the help of Mind Stems, which can be constructed once per city. The result is that the presence of more cities means more rapid victory. This can be backed by harmony’s power to sustain expansion.

Moving “wide” (with many cities) as opposed to “tall” (with a few major cities) is usually encouraged because the game is currently well-balanced. The internal trade routes to your country significantly boost food production in cities. The larger your empire, the greater the advantages multiply as trade routes weave through your kingdom.

The last victory requirement, Contact, also largely depends on patience. When you’ve built and activated an emitted beacon which can reach into a powerful progenitors race, you will lose the energy surplus and have to be patient and wait to hold the boundaries for 30 minutes as communication begins.

If you’re not out battling over towns, the final stretch of your journey is often the most prolonged and most frustrating aspect of a Beyond Earth game. When you play multiplayer, the other players are more likely to force you to work. However, the AI will not become more aggressive once you’re close to being successful, which can lead to lengthy periods of hitting the next round over and over repeatedly until you have won.

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