When a celebrity of repute passes away an iconic person, the world slows down for a short time. The news broke on December 31 that America’s beloved grandmother Betty White passed away, not just did the world stop and weep, but the world also was a time of tears. White touched everybody somehow, no matter if it was one of her most famous characters, her charitable animal welfare work, or even a funny quote that you kept with you. At the age of 99, her death was just two weeks away from turning 100, a period she longed to reach. Whoopi Goldberg Spouse.

Everyone in Hollywood shared memories of White, a great actress, reminiscing about the happy moments throughout the tragedy. Her dress designers, Pol Atteu and his husband, Patrik Simpson, recalled their experiences with her and how White was in the final steps of her journey. They shared with HollywoodLife, “Betty was the most charming person I’ve ever met… I’ve enjoyed several occasions with Betty and even baked cakes for her a few times. Betty and I had an ongoing phone call every Wednesday for a long period. We talked for an incredibly long…She always wanted to know what was planning on and what my spouse was feeling.”

He said, “In October, we had approached her manager about creating a gown to celebrate her centennial. We were informed that her health was declining and that a dress might not be required.”

White lived a remarkable life both professionally and personally. She fell in love with her true love and achieved her goals and struggled for human rights, and was a pioneer for women working in the world of entertainment and being a good person and funny throughout the process. She was a 99-year-old who lived a long life, and it did not feel enough to us.

It was an unforgettable one, from beginning to end. Take a look at Betty White’s incredible career and life via the photos below.

Humble Beginnings

Photo : Everett Collection.

Born in Illinois, her family relocated to California when she was just one year old. The young woman quickly developed a talent for performing and writing during high school, which eventually led her to perform in short plays, stage plays, and even radio throughout the 1930s.

Meet the Angels for a Date & Lifelong friendship

After Life With Elizabeth, Betty White became a star on the T.V. show Date With the Angels -she was a hater of the show. The show ran for a year, and she began a long-lasting relationship with Lucille Ball after they were in an identical studio. In an archived blog post from WFMU, White said, “I can say with confidence that that was the only time that I’d ever wanted to be out of a show.”

Photo : Everett Collection

A Date with the Angels and Lifelong friendship

Following Life With Elizabeth, Betty White became a star in the television show Date With the Angels -but she hated the show. The show ran for a year, and she began a long-lasting relationship with Lucille Ball after they were in an identical studio. According to an old post on WFMU, White said, “I can say that was the one time I would ever have wanted to get out of the show.”

FILE-In this image from April 29, 1965 photo, Allen Ludden, right, and his spouse Betty White continue a two-year gin rummy contest that she is leading by a total of 6000 points. At age 89, White has become an example of living life with joy. Westchester, N.Y.

Photo : (AP Photo/Bob Wands, file).

Betty White & Allen Ludden

Betty White was married two times before she met television host Allen Ludden. They have married two men named Dick Barker and Lane Allen, who were keen to become a homemaker instead of following their desires. White and Ludden got married in 1963 and remained in the same relationship until he died in 1981. She never got married, as quoted in Country Living, “Once you’ve experienced the very best, why would you need more?”

Photo : AP Photo/Bob Wands.


Betty White and her husband Allen Ludden loved gardening, playing games, and watching birds when they had time to relax.

Photo : ©CBS / courtesy Everett Collection.

Social Butterfly

Betty White was a frequent guest on Dinah Shore’s variety show, Dinah! White was close to so many people in the industry as Shore, who were industry giants such as Vicki Lawrence, Mary Tyler Moore, Lucille Ball, and many more.

Photo : AP Photo/Nick Ut.

Mary Tyler Moore Show Mary Tyler Moore Show

From 1973 until 1977, Betty White starred alongside lifelong friendship partner Mary Tyler Moore in the famous program The Mary Tyler Moore Show, in which she played Sue Ann Nivens. According to the Television Academy Foundation, White was quoted as saying that they were “devastated” because it was ending since they had such a fondness for it.

Photo : AP Photo/NewsBase.

Avid Animal Lover

Betty White has always been an animal lover and advocate. In her early twenties, she has supported organizations such as The Los Angeles Zoo Commission, the Morris Animal Foundation, Actors & Others for Animals, and Friends of Animals, to just several.

Photo : AP Photo/NewsBase.

Allen Ludden Was the Enjoy of Her Life

Betty White frequently referred to Allen Ludden as the love of her life. When she spoke to The Actor’s Studio per N.Y, Daily News, she told the journalists that If Heaven were honest, she’d like God to say at the time she passed away, “Hello Betty. Here’s Allen.”

Photo : AP Photo/NewsBase.

Primetime Emmy Winner

Betty White won five Primetime Emmys and was nominated more than 20 times throughout her professional career. The Emmys were awarded for her performances on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Golden Girls, The John Larroquette Show, and hosting skills on the 2010 episode of SNL.

Photo : ©Joe Hamilton Productions/courtesy Everett Collection.

Mama’s Family

Before her iconic part on The Golden Girls, Betty White was one of the lead characters in Mama’s Family’s popular television show. Betty White starred alongside her lifelong friendship partner Vicky Lawrence and future Golden Girls alumni Rue McClanahan.

Photo : AP Photo/Nick Ut.

Being a household name

Betty White never took herself too seriously. That’s the reason we were all enthralled by her. She was often a guest on popular shows such as The Love Boat, That 70’s Show, Who’s the Boss, and many more. She loved the show business. She was said, as quoted according to USA Today, “What could be more satisfying than showbusiness?”

Photo : AP Photo/Reed Saxon.

Stepmother Betty White

Betty White didn’t have children from her biological family. Nevertheless, she did have the honor to be the stepmother to the third spouse of her Allen Ludden’s three kids: David Ludden, Martha Ludden, and Sarah Ludden. The three children were from Allen’s previous marriage with Margaret McGloin. She was blessed to be their stepmom. As per people, “It was a great experience.”

Photo : 2138045Globe Photos/MediaPunch /IPX.

Actors and Others for Animals

In addition to being an innovator in entertainment, Betty White truly loved animals. She also worked with Actors and Others for Animals with her co-star Whoopi Goldberg and her co-star Bea Arthur.

Photo : AP Photo/Nick Ut.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

in 1988 Betty White showed her love for her husband by presenting him with one of his stars in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, along with White’s. Seven years later, in the year 1995, White received her star and was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame.

Photo : Everett Collection.

Disney Legend

The year 2009 was when Betty White and her Golden Girls co-stars were honored with the Disney Legends awards, an award for those who’ve contributed a significant amount of money towards the Walt Disney Company. In her acceptance speech, she joked that “I am trying to dispel the myth that was started by someone that I was a babysitter for Walt as an infant. I did not!”

Then she thought of a poignant moment of having a Mickey Mouse doll, “I wanted the Mickey Mouse doll. The parents of my family, thank you for them gave me a doll–and the doll is still in my office at home.”

Photo : ©Group W Productions/courtesy Everett Collection.

Forever Friendships

Like her friend Dinah Shore Betty White frequented her close friend Vicki Lawrence’s talk-show Vicki! White was a serious friend according to her 2012 biography, If You’re Interested: (And of Course You Will Not). “Friendship requires time and effort to be successful. You may be lucky enough to get excellent, but it won’t last if you don’t show the proper recognition. Friendship is a beautiful thing to enjoy, but you need to nurture it. Don’t take your friendship lightly.

Photo : AP Photo/Nick Ut.

“Mayor of Hollywood

With her impressive production acting, humanitarian, and work in her biography, she was awarded an Honorary mayor of Hollywood in 1955. She lived a whole and fulfilling life in all of it.

Photo : AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian.

Incorporating Old Age

Every season, Betty White embraced growing older. She often joked about it on talk programs, award shows, and her biographical work. The most well-known quote she made was, “Its old age is not a shock. We knew it was due – take advantage of it. It’s possible that you’re not as agile, and the reflection of yourself in the mirror might be a bit dismal; however, if you’re still operating and not in pain and not suffering, gratitude is the best way to approach your game.”

Photo : AP Photo/Gus Ruelas.

Guinness World Record Holder

Although Betty White is the queen of the screen, she was a fantastic, funny actor in films like The Lake Placid, The Proposal, and You Again, to name just a few. Although she was a tad involved in film, T.V. was her home, and she spent more time in the business, which led to her earning a Guinness World Record in 2018 for the “longest television career of entertainers (female).”

Photo : AP Photo/Cliff Owen.

Honorary Park Ranger

According to Yahoo, Betty White frequently declared that if she weren’t going to be an entertainer, she’d become a park ranger or Zookeeper. At the age of 88, she was made an honorary park ranger. She said this was something that was not heard of as an aspiring girl. She explained to ABC News, “Back then, there was no way for girls to be forest rangers… My parentswere] most proud award than they would be of other awards I’ve been awarded.”

Photo : ©TV Land / courtesy Everett Collection.

Never Retired and Hot in Cleveland

In 2010 Betty White came back to T.V. to play the iconic Elka Ostrovsky in the cult series Hot in Cleveland, where she appeared with Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves, and Wendie Malick. A lot of people were curious about her plans to retire, and she responded, according to Daily Actor, “I’m just enjoying life to be a bird in the air. Do some people ask if you are considering retiring? I’m too busy to contemplate retiring.”

Photo : AP Photo/Starpix, Marion Curtis.

Animal Lover Forever

While she was not retiring to acting, Betty White never planned to end her passion for animals. In her autobiography, she stated, “Animals don’t lie. Animals don’t criticize. If animals experience troubled days, they deal with them better than we humans.”

Photo : AP Photo/Reed Saxon.

Award Winner

In 2010 Betty White won some of the most prestigious awards. For instance, a BAFTA with Excellence in Comedy, the Life Achievement Award from the SAG Awards, a Grammy for her best Spoken Word Album, and in 2021, she was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Women Film Critics Circle Awards. She was a winner up to at the very last minute.

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