Samsung is the largest company that makes Android phones. And as they unveil new phones such as the latest Galaxy S21, it is anticipated that the cost of their older flagship models will fall. This is why it is the perfect moment to buy a refurbished Galaxy S20. It’s the most sophisticated phone to be released recently, and having it on sale makes it more desirable. If a flagship-level telephone is what you’re searching for, Look no further, the refurbished Galaxy s20 is sure to outperform the majority of premium phones that came out after it. This is because Samsung is not afraid to step at the idea of the latest technology. They are known for over-engineering, stealing the most advanced features from their competitors, making outdated technology work better, slamming competitors, and, most importantly, undercutting them. The same formula used in all of their phones, including the Samsung S20, is no exception.

A majority of phone purchases are made through lengthy contracts. However, this doesn’t mean the phone is more affordable. You’ll still be charged for the total amount, and when you remove it from the box and depreciation starts working on the phone. We’ll discuss the Samsung S20 price in Australia if you’re interested in the cost. Here’s an overview of its features to better understand how this Galaxy S20 was still relevant in 2021.

The Screen

After you take off the plastic from the Galaxy S20, the first thing you notice immediately is the screen-to-body ratio. Its hole-punch camera and slim bezels around the phone look futuristic in a sea of notches and bizarre camera gadgets. This isn’t the only thing. The screen can be equipped with 120Hz refresh rates. That means you’ll find your navigation is more crisp and clear. You’ll appreciate this feature if you’re doing any task requiring graphics. At first look, it’s an enormous AMOLED that is ideal for the tech-minded and avid social media users, as well as other applications that require ample screen space.

The battery

If a company considers how its customers use their phones, you’ll receive a device with the largest battery size even. The Standard S20 has a battery capacity of 4000mAh, and the Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra come with batteries of 4500mAh and 5000mAh, respectively. With these batteries, you’ll be able to utilize the phone for an entire day on one charge, with its high 120Hz refresh rate. All phones in the line support rapid charging, with those like the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ benefiting from Samsung’s lightning-fast 25W charging. The S20 Ultra, its 45W charging capability means that it can recharge its massive batteries in just 58 minutes instead of to nil. If that’s not enough, how do you feel about wireless charging of 15W and reverse charging at 9W for your wearables if you need to set your friend?

The storage

The base Galaxy S20 has 128GB internal storage and options from 512GB to the 512GB limit. If you require more storage, Samsung phones still support storage expansion using SD cards. This feature is no longer offered in Samsung’s Galaxy S21.

Let’s talk about how speedy phones are becoming in recent times. With those who own the Galaxy S20 Series, you can pick between the tried and true Snapdragon 865 and Exynos 990 processors. Equipped with up to 16GB of RAM, you’ll get power efficiency and speedier processing by GPU and CPU. It also comes with a Neural Processing Unit and an Image Signal Processor. This means the phone can be used for everyday tasks. In addition to Net-Gen, UFS 3.0 storage, and the LPDDR5 RAM, you’ll realize why it’s one of the top Android phones available.

The Camera

We’ve saved the best for the last time. Samsung’s camera performance has always been tops among the rest. In the case of this phone, the Galaxy S20 series, Samsung set a new standard for the quality of phone makers. Its Galaxy S20 ultra sports a high-definition 108MP sensor. It was by far the giant camera on an Android smartphone. The camera setup features a 48MP telephoto camera capable of 100X digital zoom and a hybrid zoom of 10X. Other phones in the series sport 12MP cameras that offer excellent low-light performance due to the 1.8um resolution sensor. It’s even better than models that can shoot video at 8K and 24fps while also capturing high-resolution pictures at 33 MP.

To take selfies, what about a 40MP camera that supports the ability to record video in 4K at 60fps? Yes, it is possible. The Galaxy S20 Ultra has autofocus based on phase detection. This is a class that is unique to phones. The Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 and the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ The impressive 10MP selfie cameras also capture 4K 60fps video.

Refurbished Samsung phones

There are a variety of names given to refurbished phones, like refurbed, reconditioned, recertified, or used, to mention some. In essence, it is the phone that was returned. The reasons for returning it could be trade-ins or previews. After the return, manufacturers test and then take some of the parts and then repair them, which makes them look brand new. But, according to the market devices, one that has been purchased and then opened, although it may be removed from its case, cannot be sold as brand new. Due to this, they aren’t able to command a higher cost than more recent devices.

This is also because Galaxy S20 devices have been on the market for some time, and it is possible to find a great bargain on one. Refurbs are made to function like the model you took from the shelves. You can expect your new Galaxy S20 to last you for quite a long time. The price for a Samsung S20 128GB is $889. If you want a used phone, we recommend purchasing directly from the manufacturer or an authorized retailer. It is because certain companies and retailers offer a lifetime warranty. This gives you peace of mind during your usage of the phone.

The reason why a used Samsung Galaxy Series is a bargain

I’d like to have the best phone, said never! We’re looking for the most for ourselves, and a phone is just one of them. Instead of shelling out hundred dollars for a brand new phone, you can look at used phones that provide similar features for a lesser price. In contrast to second-hand telephones, which you’re not particular about, refurbs from manufacturers and trusted retailers will give you an item that works just as it was first sold for in the very first place.

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