Getting a virtual number in India is not so complicated. Even there is no such complex documentation or queue waiting.

There are numerous virtual number solution service providers in India that offer quick and reliable Indian virtual number solutions online.

Just visit their website and ask for a free trial…!

But there are certain parameters that you should follow while asking for virtual number service for your business.

Reliability, trustworthiness, license, customer testimonials, are names of a few.

Before we get to know how to get an Indian virtual number for your business, let’s get familiar with a virtual number first.

Virtual Number vs Regular Number

Simply put, a virtual number is like a regular phone number but doesn’t have any SIM-Card or is neither connected to any physical phone line.

Thus, it’s distinctive from a normal mobile phone number and telephone.

In fact, Virtual phone numbers nowadays diminish the need for a real physical telephone number.

If a virtual number isn’t connected to any physical phone line or any SIM card, then how does it works?

That’s not so much tricky to understand.

The caller may use a virtual number to call or receive through an application software (a cloud-based) from any device such as Android and iOS or your laptop.

Additionally, you can do more with a virtual number which you know later.

Keep reading this article…!

Types of India Virtual Number

If someone wants to buy a virtual number in India, there are two types of numbers that you can purchase as virtual numbers.

City Based Numbers

This type of virtual number alludes to a city and generally starts with a two-digit number such as 11 for New Delhi and 80 for Bangalore.

Toll-Free Numbers

Toll-free virtual numbers are different from city as they incur no cost to the caller instead all the call costs are abode by the owner itself. In India, toll-free numbers start with 800, and its changes if looked into a different country.

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What Does India Virtual Number Offer?

Here we are…

A virtual phone number offers a variety of services to businesses. It highly eliminates the stress of handling multiple numbers and unites their distributed workforce.

The best thing about virtual numbers is that they can be completely customized with the requirements of business scenarios.

For instance, businesses can integrate IVR into virtual numbers for better service delivery, customer satisfaction, etc.

1) Answer Calls

Like regular calling, you have the option to answer calls. You can forward incoming calls to your regular mobile phone number or landline number anywhere in India. Additionally, businesses use much of the call forwarding feature because of the bulk calling management.

However, you can do more than just call forwarding such as answering calls with voice response, sending calls to team members, etc.

2) Make Calls

Unlike call forwarding and answering, you can easily make calls to the ‘know-your-contact’ person right from your device or laptop. The app lets you import your regular contacts and call anyone with just a click.

But remember, you will be charged local call rates for the calls you make.

3) Voice Response

You can enhance customer experience or stakeholders’ preferences by integrating voice response into your virtual number service.

But first, you need to ask your service provider whether they offer such services. If yes, you need to add a voice response to your virtual number (“For Order Status, Press 1…”) you need to either add a business package feature or upgrade to premium.

This helps you to create menus for callers, announcements, or voicemail boxes.

4) Call Recording

Call recording is an added value service that you can add to your virtual number. It lets help you to record any incoming calls without pressing manually each time automatically it does for you.

Honestly speaking, not all service providers offer call recording features. Some offer it with premium plans while others with their business package plans.

In meantime, you need to look into your plans whether call recording features are available with your chosen plan or not.

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Where Can I Get India Virtual Phone Number For My Business?

Since the virtual number is a cloud-based number used to reinforce and incline the communication process, the user first needs to inquiry online or request for demo for a feasibility check.

Upon successful data validation, the expert will reach you (digitally) and offer you the quotation based on the data analyses and client requirements.

After this, the process moves to technical assistant. The technical team will contact the business person for the cloud setup process, configuration, and maintenance.

At last, your new business number is set up and activated within 30 minutes or less. In the event, if things turn wrong, you get a 24/7 support system for resolution.

Final Thought

We cannot deny that virtual number is an intelligent solution for any size of business in India. It offers extreme features to enhance communication with their stakeholders and customers, such as call routing, auto-notification, and more at economical prices.

To know more about virtual numbers and cloud telephony solutions, read our expert blogs.

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