The Internet has introduced so many facilities to us that, at times, it feels too good to be true. Today, amateur and professional writers are blessed with the opportunity to sell their eBooks online from the comfort of their homes and earn money. Agreed, there is a lot of competition; but, if you adhere to the right strategies, you will achieve success.

Thus, you should:

  1. Select a Popular Topic for eBook

Rather than picking a topic that you think would generate you money, write about something you actually care about. If you have a book topic that you think you’d buy if you saw it in a store, you’re onto a winner. Your readers will be able to tell if you’re passionate about the subject, and it will be much simpler for you to get the thoughts down on online assignment help paper.

Choose a topic that you’re passionate about. But also keep in mind what sells. Check out the best-selling lists on Amazon, Waterstones, and foreign sites like Barnes and Noble, or visit your local bookstore. Ebooks related to spirituality and religion, and money also fare well in the market.

  1. Write a Quality eBook

The more time and effort you spend on your eBook, the better it will be. Thus, the more money you will be able to charge for it. Your readers will be more likely to promote it to others, resulting in increased sales. You’ll need to be willing to spend months producing a high-quality eBook, then proofreading and editing several drafts until it’s perfect.

When it comes to editing your eBook, free software can make a tremendous difference in its quality. Use Grammarly to check for spelling and grammar mistakes in your work. Along the way, attempt to receive comments on your writing from as many individuals as possible.

  1. Pick the Best Value Publishing Platform

The hard work is almost done once your eBook is ready for publishing. When deciding how to monetize your eBook, the next step is to figure out which publishing platform will make you the most money. You can try Smashwords, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, Apple iBooks Author, etc.

If you write an essay on the same topic, do not forget to include these points. And if you struggle to jot down the words, you can hire an essay writer. These experts will help you gather authentic resources and will cite sources for you. They will even assist you with the formatting.

  1. Come up with a Marketing Strategy  

It’s also worthwhile to devote some time and effort to promote your eBook. It’s critical to get the word out about your work if you want to make money from it. Furthermore, eBook marketing doesn’t have to be expensive.

Because social media is such a powerful marketing tool, it’s worth creating professional accounts on major platforms. These include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and you can promote your newly released eBook.

Take a look at how your favourite authors exhibit themselves online for ideas. Successful writing accounts frequently have a solid balance of articles on day-to-day living as a writer intermingled with promotional updates about their books.

  1. Participate in Writing Competitions

You deserve some credit for your eBook after spending so much time perfecting it. Writing competitions are not only great for gaining kudos, but they also often come with cash prizes. Writing competitions aren’t the simplest way to generate money from your eBook. This is because they’re very competitive, but they’re worth a shot.

Google search will reveal a plethora of writing competitions that take place throughout the year. Keep in mind that certain competitions will only take unpublished entries, but there are occasions when competitions will allow entries from published authors. You might mention any competitions you win in your social network bios.

  1. Design the Cover of the eBook

Handle this task only if you are a creative person. Otherwise, you must take the help of a professional designer. This is because, contrary to popular belief, every book is judged by its cover. You have to make sure that the cover is distinct and you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Your eBook will appear more professional with a high-quality cover. It demonstrates that you are serious about your work, and the content is of excellent quality. In this regard, you can check out 99designs . Although this is a high-priced option ($50-$500), you get one of the best book covers. For cheaper alternatives, you can try Freelancer.

  1. Try to Get Reviews

Anyone who has shopped on Amazon understands the value of a few reviews. Ideally, this refers to positive feedback. Guess which one someone will buy when they compare two items: one with 30 four-star reviews and the other with three four-star ones? Good reviews indicate that others have purchased your eBook and found it to be valuable. This suggests to the potential buyer that they should as well. It’s social confirmation that your book is excellent.

To acquire some favorable feedback, use social media, friends, and family. Encourage them to go to Amazon and purchase the book, as well as provide a review. Pay them back if they complain about the $2.99. In the long term, it will be worthwhile. However, you must not pay for reviews through a variety of services.

Amazon is becoming better at identifying which reviews are sponsored and which aren’t. You might be penalized for having phoney reviews on your books.


  1. Try to Publish a Series of eBooks

If your eBook is a hit and you have a big readership, you might want to attempt producing a series of books based on the same characters or topics. The ideal way to approach producing an eBook series depends on the type of your work (fiction or non-fiction), but trust your gut. Consider whether incorporating your eBook into a series of works would be a natural move.

For instance, your first eBook was a novel about a student’s first year at university. Then the readers would be interested in reading sequels about the student’s exploits in their second and third years.If you produce a follow-up piece, make sure it’s written to the same high standard as the first. Above all, make sure that any subsequent eBooks in a series have aesthetic worth and aren’t just published for the sake of making money.

These are some of the tips on how you can make money online by writing eBooks. Meanwhile, if you face any issue writing the essay and wonder, “Who can do my homework?” you can hire professional experts.

Author Bio: Martyn Williams is a former English teacher and a part-time author. He is also an avid  assignment help blogger, where he shares tips for improving English writing.


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