why every parent needs spy app for his child? Working parents are always striving for the better growth of their children. They have to be extra conscious because they cannot give enough time to the children. Most of the time, children are on their own doing whatever they want. Working parents cannot have an eye on their children all the time. They don’t know to whom their kids are talking, who are their friends, what kind of activities they are into.

Considering this fast-moving digital world, the problem gets worsen. Kids have an addiction to cell phones. Most of the time, they like to stick with their phones. With internet access, things become more entertaining for the kids. Adults also have the same issue but they are mature enough to choose between good and bad.

But the developing minds of teenagers are not capable of doing this. There is a lot of bad stuff on the internet. The children got exposed to these online threats by using mobile phones. And the working parents are not always there to protect them due to their busy schedules. Such parents need the Spy app for perfectly monitoring the children 24/7 even if they are away from them.

What is the Spy app?

It is a spy app for android and IOS devices. It tracks the information from the target phone and sends it to an online web platform. The parents can install the spying app on their child’s phone. It will watch the activities on the phone and transmits the data for remote monitoring. Here are 5 reasons why working parents need a Spy app for tracking their children.

  1. Protection from Online threats.

Internet is full of bad things. Gambling, Online dating, Porn addiction, and drugs abuse are some of these things. These things trap the teenagers behind the closed doors of social media and password-protected cell phones. Parents are blind to the situation. If teenagers do not get help on time, they might sink deep into these things. android monitoring app enables the parents to see through the barriers. If the child is not into these things then all is good. But if they are into something, then parents can tackle the situation.

  1. Protection for real-world threats.

The real-world problems are already there. Predators in human bodies are wandering around looking for their prey. Innocent children are their easiest targets. The TheOneSpy mobile tracking app helps parents to counter these threats. There is a feature of Live calls listening and record calls on the target phone. This helps them to check to whom their children are talking. What are their plans today? Are they lying about something? This gives the parents a head start to tackle the problem. And provides them enough time to do protective measures.

  1. Locate the children with a spy app.

The GPS tracking feature of the app helps the parents to locate the target device anytime. Children are often lying about their outdoor activities. Sometimes they ask permission for group study at a friend’s house but actually, they are partying. This app helps if the child is not answering the phone, parents can locate the child using the TheOneSpy app.

  1. Email and SMS Monitoring.

The children are engaged in several online stuff. Parents can remotely check the emails on the kid’s account. Text messages can also be accessible to the target device. Children are talking to their friends by chatting.

  1. Social Media Tracking.

The greatest temptation of the use of smartphones is social media forums. Teenagers are deep into the social media forum. They spent most of their time on these forums. The content on these forums is not always creative. There is a destructive side also. The Spy app’s social media tracking feature empowers busy parents to check the activities of their children on social media. The app covers all the social media forums including Tinder, Facebook, Instagram, Skype. Some other forums which are in its arena are Kik, Snapchat, and Imo.


The TheOneSpy app is one of the best in the market for child monitoring. Busy parents can use this app and keep their children protected from dangers.


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