Podcasts have become a very special and new trend because it connects a person not just with powerful words but also audio present there. Amongst many motivational podcasts out there, best sleep meditation podcasts on Spotify are known for their magic by calming the mind and reducing stress levels. So we advise you to take a break from television series, constant office discussions and dive into the peace of sleep meditation podcasts. 

This particular blog will give you a list of the best sleep meditation podcasts on Spotify considering your wellness as the top most priority and refreshed day and night.

Most Streamed Meditation Podcasts

  1. Sleep With Me

Hosted by ‘Dearest Scooter’, it is actually performed by Drew Ackerman and has been in process since 2013. The concept of bedtime stories of this podcast has so many episodes to enjoy and sleep with. Most episodes are about 1 hours or so and you would love to hear the show for sleeping for sure.

  1. CalmSage 

This mental wellness website possesses number of motivational podcasts which you just need to open and start listening. We recommend you to put on the headphones while listening so that you can immerse in the depth of motivation. 

  1. Guided Sleep Meditation & Sleep Hypnosis By Sleep Cove

Having a hypnotherapist as your sleep podcast speaker is just amazing. Well, this podcast is hosted by Christopher Fitton who narrates various stories in his powerful voice. These stories are carefully designed to ease you from everyday’s stress and become a bed bug at the end of the day.

  1. Sleep Meditation Podcast

These are no bedtime stories. This deep sleep meditation podcast has different and beautiful sounds that will take you in a better zone than you are at present. From Hawaiian rainforest, rain falling on leaves, fan noise, city rain, laundry machine, crickets, rainstorm and more, there are hundreds of playlists at your disposal. 

  1. Get Sleep: Meditation And Stories

Welcome yourself to so many beautiful bedtime stories like building the Taj Mahal, garden of mythical creatures, night of fire foxes, perfect batch of cookies and more. So it starts with the process of sleep meditation and the bedtime story follows up. Yes, you can say that there are two punches in one podcast at the same time.

  1. Nothing Much Happens; Bedtime Stories To Help You Sleep

Get ready for another guided meditation with this top rated sleep meditation podcast on Spotify. All the podcasts are led by a yoga and meditation teacher named Kathryn Nicolai. What’s more interesting about the podcast is that she delivers the podcast twice in every episode where the second repetition is slower and more melodic than the first one.

  1. On Purpose With Jay Shetty

This podcast may not exactly make you feel sleepy but will actually help you focus. If you feel that this particular night is not helping you sleep deep then hear him out. Here, Shetty is interviewing many insightful people in order to gain knowledge about the goodness of life including love, career guidance, feeling of loneliness and more. His idea is to make wisdom go viral through his top podcasts on Spotify.

  1. Snooze Cast: Stories For Sleep

A place where you can actually request the speaker to read different books and texts for you is here. However, the new releases do take approximately 3 weeks to be released but by then, you can check out a plethora of go to read stories for a good night’s sleep. 

  1. ASMR Rain Recordings

Those who are in love with rains or rain dripping on different surfaces would be blessed to find this sleep meditation podcast on Spotify. Whether you want to hear rain on metal, rain on an umbrella, rain in the mud or even a big waterfall then this place is heaven. Open the podcast now and fall asleep with a runny or watery season. 

  1. Sleepy

Designed by Otis Gray, it’s a book reading podcast where Otis Gray’s voice is good enough to make you feel sleepy as well as enjoy the stories he is reciting.

  1. Mindful Meditations

Having a time restricted meditation guide is good at times. Based on the research that 12 minutes of meditation in a day can give you certain benefits like increased focus, attention, creativity, compassion and resilience, it was designed carefully. You can just sit in peace and start the guidance in order to see the best results of meditation. 

Wrap Up

We hope that you have understood the ideas of most streamed meditation podcasts already and are ready to listen to them starting from now. Which one did you choose to listen to this time for a good sleep and why? Share your thoughts, views as well as recommendations with us in the comments section below. We highly recommend you to try sleep meditation like Sleep Cove and Sleep With Me. However, the focus meditation by Jay Shetty is also a bug thumbs up.

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